Haiwenism of the day 

For all (both?) of the Ross readers:

Trying to hit a knuckleball is like trying to screw in a lightbulb with a wet fish.

Apparently it'll be Wells vs. Lowe and Pettitte vs. Burkett in Games 5 and 6. It's too late for the Yankees to switch up the slots, but this is better for the Sox than if it were Wells vs. Burkett and Pettitte vs. Lowe. If your pitchers are stronger across the board, you want to match them up evenly, whereas if your pitchers are weaker across the board, you want to arrange a relative mismatch, as is the case now.

(Yes, I know that in a fit of unbridled optimism I said I liked Burkett's chances against Wells. Burkett's not that bad, really. It was just a couple years ago that he posted an ERA of around 3 for the season.)


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