Even more on Game 3 

A member of the peanut gallery at Tacitus writes this (supposedly it appeared in today's NY Daily News, but I can't find it on the web):

"But seeing and hearing the reaction of Sox players in the aftermath of Saturday's fourth inning, it's become clear they now feel that if they win, it will be in spite of Pedro. In the midst of the melee, Sox pitchers Mike Timlin and Todd Jones, according to Yankee sources, apologized for Martinez's actions.

"This isn't the way we play the game," they supposedly said. Meanwhile, other Yankee sources said that, in the seventh, when Sox DH David Ortiz was on third, he pointed into the Yankee dugout at Don Zimmer and gave him a "thumbs-up" gesture."

If this story is true, then I can't agree with Timlin, Jones and Ortiz's actions at all. I don't care how big of an asshole you think Pedro Martinez is, you don't show up a teammate like that during a game when you still need him to win. Wait until after the game, or preferably until after the series is over. Your job is not to ease tensions between the two teams. Your job is to win, and undermining a teammate takes away from that.

Of course, the only sources for the quotes are anonymous Yankees; maybe they're trying to create further dissension in the Boston clubhouse.

UPDATE: Here's the article.

UPDATE: Pedro speaks! Here's what he says about pointing to his temple while yelling at Jorge Posada:

Martinez later was asked about him pointing to his head during a heated exchange with Yanks catcher Jorge Posada as the benches cleared.

"I just said to him I remember everything he said, that's what I said to Posada," Martinez said. "I remember what you're saying to me. I don't want to express what he said. ... If you want to know what he said, go ask him."

I await confirmation or repudiation of this claim from someone who can read lips. I initially thought Martinez might have been saying something like "yo, I'm in your head," then changed my mind and decided that he was saying "punk, don't make me hit you in the head for real."

Martinez ended up retiring the next eleven batters he faced, not what you'd expect if he really had blown his stack.

Anyway, this'll probably be the last post on the fourth inning of Game 3.


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