Ultimate heroes 

An item from Saratoga Springs, New York:

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- A group of five Skidmore College students on a road trip to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Rochester quietly became heroes early Saturday morning.

The men rescued a semiconscious 19-year-old woman who collided head-on with a tow truck on Route 67 in Amsterdam. While one student called 911, the others pulled her from the wreckage just before it burst into flames.

'If it wasn't for those guys, she would have died,' said Nick Prusky, a paramedic with the Greater Amsterdam Volunteer Ambulance Corp., who was one of the first on the scene.

When Prusky drove up to the scene, he saw the woman lying on the ground where she was carried about 15 yards away from her blazing Chevy Cavalier.

Prusky said the students -- David Williamson, 21, a senior; Ian Williamson (no relation), 19, a sophomore; David Frazier, 24, a senior; Matthew Gershun, 19, a sophomore; and Davin Lyons, 19, a sophomore -- cared for Martin as help arrived.

'They held her head and tried to keep her calm because she was pretty upset and crying and didn't know what was going on,' Prusky said.

After interviews with police, the students, who are all members of the Wombats, Skidmore's Ultimate Frisbee team, headed back on the road. Arriving in Rochester, they realized someone on the team had confused the date of the tournament, which was actually the following day.

Readers who are familiar with Ultimate Frisbee will note that while heroic actions might naturally be expected from Ultimate players, showing up to a tournament early definitely isn't.


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