Poll: Baghdad residents willing to suffer temporary setbacks for long-term benefits 

From the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- While most residents of Baghdad say that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth the hardships they've endured since then, they are divided on whether the country is worse off or better off than before the U.S. invasion, according to a Gallup poll.

Two-thirds, 67 percent, say they think that Iraq will be in better condition five years from now than it was before the U.S.-led invasion. Only 8 percent say they think it will be worse off.

But they're not convinced that Iraq is better off now -- 47 percent said the country is worse off than before the invasion and 33 percent said it is better off.

The Gallup poll of 1,178 adults was conducted face to face in the respondents' household from August 28 through September 4 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Gallup plans to poll extensively in the coming months and years in Iraq and has established a center in Baghdad to coordinate the polling effort.

Makes sense to me. I just hope that homicide bombers aren't still operating on a daily basis in Iraq in five years.


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