Maybe if the entire nation were athletes or soldiers, the regime would feed them... 

I had no idea that North Korea is competing in the Women's World Cup. Apparently their side is the two-time defending Asian champion.

Come to think of it, it's maybe a little surprising that North Korea didn't boycott the WWC once it was moved from China to the USA. The USA and the DPRK play on Sunday, September 28.

Of course, it's utterly contemptible that a nation that tortures its people by the thousands and starves its people by the millions (1) thinks that maintaining national sports teams is a priority and (2) is allowed to compete at the highest levels of international sport.

Update: Chris Beaumont, whose blog Free North Korea really needs more traffic (not that it's going to get it from here), has a more sympathetic view of North Korean national sports teams. Very well. I don't necessarily have anything against the individual players on the North Korean team. But South Africa was banned from the Olympics for years for offenses of roughly the same magnitude of those being committed by the North Korean state. And let's not even get started on my reaction if the two Koreas do enter a unified team in Athens 2004.


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